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Twetch – A Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Twetch is a cryptocurrency wallet app for making and managing transactions. It allows you to securely manage your NFT and crypto assets in a simple, user-friendly way.

With Twetch, it is possible to create and manage your Bitcoin SV(BSV) assets. You can also make transactions right from the website without having to know much about cryptocurrency.

The Web3 library was used by the app. This JavaScript library, which is open-source, allows you to interact the blockchain. This can be done with just a few lines.

Twetch is a private, secure and safe wallet app. There are no risks of losing your crypto. You can safely keep many coins at once in your wallet and be able to access them whenever you want.

You will need to provide the application with the user-id as well as the public key in order to complete a transaction. Signing a transaction with the private key will confirm it. It will keep the ID and transaction information for you. It allows you to access transaction history and add transactions right from your browser. You can check the status of your account by checking your balance.

This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.


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    February 9, 2023

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