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Kevyn Lee is the founder of Fluffy’s Sno-Balls: A New Orleans Original. Kevyn has been making gourmet sno-balls since the age of 12 at his family’s store in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Kevyn’s non-traditional and sophisticated approach to reinventing the New Orleans sno-balls made Fluffy’s Sno-balls unique in itself, thus becoming a beach goer’s sensation.

Fluffy’s Sno-balls is made from the best quality syrups with over 35+ flavors and the finest block ice. As a result of these quality ingredients Fluffy’s Sno-balls continually garner long lines of  super satisfied customers.

A former Vice President of Operations of Supply Chain for a fortune 100 company; Kevyn is a graduate of the illustrious Tuskegee University. Kevyn went on to earn his MBA from The University of Phoenix. Kevyn is dedicated to empowering youth and has authored the book titled, “The Young Black Man’s Definitive Guide to Getting the Job.” Kevyn and his Fiancé are dedicated to philanthropic work by sponsoring tuition for college age kids in his Fiance’s native country of Belize.

Kevyn Lee at Fluffys Sno Balls

Our Story

Our founder Kevyn Lee arrived in Los Angeles, California as a result of Hurricane Katrina after completing his undergraduate studies at the illustrious Tuskegee University. One of the first places where Kevyn sought peace and solace in Los Angeles was at the beach; Venice Beach specifically. As Kevyn walked along the boardwalk that hot summer day he looked for a cool treat. The only options that were available was ice cream and frozen yogurt. Kevyn immediately thought that what Venice Beach was missing was a Sno-ball stand. After many years later of frequenting Venice Beach Kevyn noticed that sno-balls was still missing and could be the perfect addition to the area. Kevyn became passionate about bringing a sno- ball business to SoCal and would use his 15+ years of senior operational experience by starting his own business. In 2020, Covid-19 stormed the world. Kevyn spent majority of his time in quarantine planning and plotting the perfect sno-ball business. As fate would have it all the stars seemed to align and Covid-19 would soon be controlled through the announcement of multiple vaccinations. Kevyn looked at this moment as a sign to establish Fluffy’s Sno-Balls LLC in 2021. Fluffy’s Sno-balls was created with fun, love and passion for a quality gourmet sno-ball.

Our Core Values

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Fluffy’s Sno-balls was created with fun, love and passion for a quality gourmet sno-ball.​